What do I do while waiting?

1. Surround yourself with

2. Devote yourself

3. Devote yourself


THE BIG POINT: Waiting means


Read Acts 1:12-26 and discuss:

• In your own words describe the events that are recorded here. Why do you think that this particular section of church history is important? How does it strengthen your faith?

• What kind of “waiting” person are you? Do you wait impatiently at the microwave tapping your foot or are you a sit-around-and-do-nothing person? What is the hardest part of waiting?

• When you come into a season of waiting what is your natural instinct: to be alone or surround yourself with people?

• Which is harder for you, spending time in prayer or studying God’s Word? Why do you think that is? Is there someone you know that is good at one or both? Have you considered asking them to help you in this area?

• What impacted you most about the message?


• Discipline is hard. How can you better discipline yourself to study God’s Word and pray? Is there someone who can help hold you accountable to this?

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