Perspective from the Promised Messiah:

1. Emmanuel: a is born, a is given.

2. Wonderful Counselor: Jesus came for people with .

3. Mighty God: Jesus is willing to enter your and bring .

4. Eternal Father: Jesus is the we need.

5. Prince of Peace: Jesus is the only reason we can truly live with God.


Read Isaiah 9:6-7 and discuss:

• Are you ready to embrace what this season truly means?

• What more do you need to do to prepare your heart?

• Can you be completely honest with God about your struggles and problems? Why or why not?

• Do you want change? Are you willing to change? What are the greatest obstacles to change?

• How does your view of God being mighty and all powerful prepare you to work through struggles and pain?

• What was your relationship like with your earthly father? Where can you see Jesus standing in the place where your earthly father fell short?

• True peace can only be gained through a submissive and humble heart to God. Are you willing to seek forgiveness of sin and restore the broken relationship with God?

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