Three truths to understand about kindness:

1. Kindness is love

2. Kindness can be

3. Kindness can be 



Read 1 John 3:16-20 and discuss:

• What is the difference between love and kindness? How are the two intertwined?

• Is it possible for kindness to be anything but action? Why or why not?

• How did Christ model loving kindness for us? What are the implications?

• Do you find verse 17 to be uncomfortable? Why or why not? Are there limits to the expression of kindness? If so, what are they?

• Describe needs that can be met by kindness.

• What makes expressing kindness difficult? Discuss its apparent unfairness.

• What are some counterfeits of kindness? Why can these be damaging and actually result in disobedience to God?

• How can we cultivate kindness? Who has God put in your life that needs God’s loving kindness?

• What impacted you most from this message?


Read and reflect on 1 John 3:16-20 this week.

Reflection: Do I see evidence of the spiritual fruit of kindness in my life?

Application: Inspect your love. Is it expressed in acts of kindness, meeting felt needs of people in your life? Who is someone in need of your kindness and how do you think God is asking you to show it? Intentionally value people. Ask for God’s help in seeing them as He sees them. Allow the gospel to shape your perception, viewing life through Christ’s example not what is fair.

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