To embrace our calling, we must understand that:

1. God

2. God’s love is based on not

3. God defines the of a loving relationship

4. We have been chosen



To be a church , not just a church


• Study the significance of the Hebrew word (hesed or checed). Start here: Another tool to help you research the different places and contexts in which it is used is found at Search for hesed and see how many places and in what ways it is used in Scripture.

• What does your study reveal about the nature of this love? Is the love limited in any way? If so, in what way?

• How are you impacted by the fact that the basis of God’s choice to love is not merit, but rather divine favor?

• How did God define the boundaries of His covenant love? What does that look like today in the new covenant through Christ?

Read Jeremiah 29:3-7 and discuss:

• What stands out to you in these verses? What are some principles we could apply today?

• If we have been chosen in love to love, how can we live this out in tangible ways within our city? How could we begin to seek the welfare of our city? How committed are you to do this?


• Pray for your city, its leaders, its people, its churches, its challeges and ask God for opportunities to love where you are.

• Identify the obstacles to you loving your neighbor and loving your city. What needs to change so you can embrace your calling?

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