Winning begins with an understanding of .


Three action steps leading to victory:





BIG POINT: Nearness to God starts with


Read James 4:6-10 and discuss:

• Tell the group about a time when “pride came before the fall” moment in your life. What did you learn from your mistake? Have you continued to make that same mistake again?

• Have you understood grace as an endowment, a well that we can continue to draw from, or is that new to you? If it is new to you, how did you grow up understanding grace? How has that influenced your life? How will it influence how you live moving forward?

• Which of the three actions are most difficult for you? Do you feel like resistance is futile sometimes? If so, how can you battle those feelings?

• A.W. Tozer said “The truth of something must first enter your mind before it can enter your heart.” Is there something about God that you just acknowledge but really haven’t taken deep into your heart?

• Why is pride such a hard thing for humans to fight? Is there an area of your life in which God is asking you to humble yourself? Is God asking you to do something that you don’t want to do?

• How can you encourage fellow believers as they submit to God?


• Read Isaiah 66:2 and Psalm 34:18 this week.

• Ask the Lord to help you have a humble spirit before Him.

• Make a list of things in your life that you need to give over to Him and ask Him to help you let go and submit.

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